"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing."

Dr. W. Edwards Deming

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Considering the success of key players in the business world like GE, Toyota, Bombardier, ABB, and several government agencies in Canada as well as throughout the world, Lean Six Sigma continues to be the most recognized improvement approach worldwide for organization performance. 

Lean is a continuous improvement approach based on the principles of the Toyota production system.  The main objective of Lean is to better serve the needs of the client with less effort, less time, less resources and lower costs.  Do more with less!  The set of tools and techniques of Lean seek to eliminate waste and create value for the client. Our Lean Six Sigma interventions are always based on three (3) pillars:

  • The client: create value for the client (through our products and services). 
  • The processes: create processes that open channels to deliver the value required by the client (procurement, design, production, operation, distribution, client support, and so on). 
  • The individuals: prepare the individuals on how to recognize what is really important, how to deliver what is essential and how to maintain the Lean process in the long term.

For more detailed information on Lean, visit the Lean Enterprise Institute website:  http://www.lean.org/WhatsLean/

Six Sigma is a continuous improvement approach developed in the early 90’s by Motorola in the United States and adopted and made popular worldwide by General Electric.  The main idea of Six Sigma is to measure—over and over—in order to fully understand the processes, reduce their variability and in turn eliminate their defects.  In order to do this, Six Sigma uses a rigorous methodology (DMAIC) structured in five (5) phases:  Define; Measure; Analyze; Improve; and Control. This methodology integrates a set of statistical, graphical and analytical tools. 

For more detailed information on Six Sigma, visit the GE website:  http://www.ge.com/sixsigma/makingcustomers.html

Lean Six Sigma combines the power of Lean and Six Sigma to create a complete program of organizational performance improvement that seeks to rapidly achieve sustainable results according to customer satisfaction, costs, quality, process speed and invested capital.

GSS Lean Six Sigma Services

Our consulting team understands that there is no miracle formula for implementing Lean Six Sigma.  Taking into consideration the diversity of needs and organizations, GSS has developed a flexible coaching services approach in Lean Six Sigma for its clientele.

The first step of our intervention in Lean Six Sigma is a rigorous evaluation/diagnostic of the organization’s needs in terms of continuous improvement (1 or 2 days of assessment to clearly understand the needs, vision, processes, constraints and priorities of the client).  Afterwards, these are the services generally offered: 

Strategic services Strategic Services
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Training  Lean Six Sigma

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Coaching Lean Six sigma Coaching Services
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Technical Support Service
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