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Typical Projects // Logistics and Manufacturing
2009 – Strategic and technical coaching to optimize a food sector supply chain in Quebec, Canada

We coached our client in a project to optimize their supply and distribution chain. Our client receives food products from more than 200 suppliers in the United States and Latin America. We identified and quantified the system’s bottlenecks by following the Lean Six Sigma methodology and using our simulation tools in order to propose improvement options to redefine the procurement strategy. Through this project their distribution capacity was increased by 20% within a period of six months while maintaining the same personnel.











Logistics and Manufacturing Services

As highlighted by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, the recent economic recession has resulted in both significant revenue and client loss, lay-offs, and unfortunately, plant closures in Canada. To be more competitive, Canadian companies must bank more on optimizing their internal processes as well as their manufacturing and product distribution chains.

Bottlenecks in your material handling system, significant production inventory, delivery delays, quality problems? Is your logistics chain optimized to deliver the right goods at the right time, to the right place and at the lowest possible cost?

If you are currently rethinking your production, supply and/or distribution chain, GSS consultants can provide you with coaching in this area through our simulation and optimization tools. Quality and reliability must be built into the design of new facilities and logistic processes as well as into the improvement of existing systems. With our vast experience in logistics and our simulation technologies, GSS delivers engineering solutions adapted to your needs to assist you in the planning process of major capital investments. Our interventions help our clients to minimize errors and associated costs.

Our simulation technology helps our clients to visualize, understand and solve costly operational problems before they take place. Contrary to a trial and error approach, we offer our clients the Lean Six Sigma / Design for Six Sigma structured methodology to analyze and optimize the product flow, space and resource allocation while facilitating a healthy and effective change management.

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GSS’s consulting expertise benefits clients in the following projects:

  • Design of plants and infrastructures
  • Plant expansion
  • Production line balancing
  • Introduction of new technologies
  • Material handling system optimization (conveyor networks, automatic guided vehicle systems - AGVs, automated storage and retrieval systems - AS/RS, etc.)
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Distribution system optimization
  • Inventory management system improvement
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