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EZsigma Group

EZsigma Group is the Canadian company recognized as the leader in Lean Six Sigma training solutions. With an international multidisciplinary team specialized in the training, planning and implementation of continuous improvement programs, e-Zsigma offers an integrated array of mentoring and training products/services, thus allowing organizations to achieve levels of world-class performance.  In addition to contributing to the development of the training material, GSS Inc. acts as a regional representative of e-Zsigma in the province of Quebec.

Scientific Computing Associates Corp.                                                
Scientific Computing Associates Corp.

Scientific Computing Associates Corp. (SCA) develops advanced statistics software tools supporting specific predictive mathematical models widely used in econometric applications, decision-making analysis, engineering, finance and information technologies.  SCA was founded by distinguished professors and American statisticians like George E.P. Box, George C. Tiao and Lon-Mu Liu.  SCA is committed to advancing applied statistics into industrial and business solutions.  In addition to software tools, SCA offers consulting services on data analysis and software solutions integration.


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